Small Scale Plastic Recycling or Pyrolysis Plant

Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant

Small scale plastic recycling plant innovated by Beston Machinery aims to deal with waste, as well as turn much waste into wealth. If you want to deal with 6-10T/D plastic waste or do a small business about recycling waste, Beston plastic recycling plant is your best choice. Through small plastic pyrolysis machine, waste plastic can become plastic blocks, which can be converted into fuel oil and carbon black. Both of them are remarkable resources.

Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant for Sale
Beston Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant in Jordan

Introduction of Beston Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant

Because of low cost and very little space of small pyrolysis plant, there is no need to be equipped with pre-treatment devices like crusher and dryer. The mini pyrolysis plant can handle plastic waste directly.

On the one hand, the crushed plastic can be packed by the plastic baler into plastic blocks. It can not only collect more plastic but also save much space. You can sell the plastic blocks to make money.

Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant
3D-Picture of Mini Pyrolysis Machine

On the other hand, the crushed plastic also can be sent to the reactor of continuous plastic pyrolysis machine by belt conveyor. In the reactor, the plastic will be converted into oil gas that includes heavy oil gas and light oil gas. The heavy oil gas will arrive at storage tank directly, while the light oil gas will be into liquid fuel oil through cooling system and oil condenser. Apart from oil gas, carbon black will be collected by the slag tank. You can not ignore the combustible gas, which can make a circulation to heat the reactor for the purpose of saving energy.

Working Conditions of Small Pyrolysis Machine

Small-scale pyrolysis equipment is able to process 6-10 tons of raw material one day. In the process of pyrolysis, you should pay attention to the following items:


Feeding: 2-3 hours

Pyrolysis: 8-10 hours

Cooling: 2-3 hours

Discharging: 2-3 hours

The whole process: about 16 hours

Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant
Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant in Nigeria


Beginning to produce oil: 160℃

Finishing to produce oil: 280℃

The most temperature of the whole process: 350℃

Smoke and gas entering flue condenser: about 100℃

Emission of smoke and gas: about 75℃

As long as you well control time and temperature, all processes of small-scale plastic recycling plant will be fluent and smooth.

Advantages of Small Plastic Recycling Plant

1. High yield: on one aspect, the small plastic recycling machine itself has the fiction of enhancing output. For example. The machine can work continuously; the heating material like combustible gas can be used in a circle. On the other aspect, we can add some auxiliary materials like catalyst to speed the reaction and improve the output.

2. Muiti-fiction: the plant we innovated can handle the plastic, the rubber and medical waste, as well as for sludge treatment. Its fictions cover a wide range. You can use it with confidence.

3. High quality: all the small scale plastic recycling machines have passed the certifications of CE, ISO, SGS; all the recycling plants adopt automatic submerged arc welding technology and ultrasonic nondestructive testing to ensure the quality of plants; all devices adopt the materials of corrosion protection and high-temperature resistance.

Beston Small Plastic Pyrolysis Machine
Small Plastic Pyrolysis Machine in Hungary

4. Safety: we can make sure the safety of mini scale waste pyrolysis plant is number one of all. Why do I say like this? Because the machine itself has the effect of avoiding an accident and we also install all kinds of safe pyrolysis equipment, such as safety valves, automatic alarming system, air defence device, etc. At any time, if there is something wrong, the systems can alert the alarming so that you can know what happened in the first time. Furthermore, we will write down what you should do during the working, the place you should pay attention to, when you should check discharging, what may happen and how to solve them in the instruction.

5. Environmental protection: we can guarantee you work in a good environment. All process will not produce toxic gas because the process is sealed. Even though there is harmful gas, it can reach the emission the national standard through our de-dusting system.

6. Convenience: you can start the mini scale waste recycling plant at any time. Whenever you want, you can, and you only need to spend a little time and energy. Moreover, it can be operated flexibly, and you only need to press some buttons.

7. Reasonable design: considering the space and environment, the small scale plastic recycling machine we designed can be installed not only in the city but also in the countryside. On the one hand, it takes up a little space and doesn’t cause much noise, as pollution as well, on the other hand, citizens recycle the waste plastic easily and do not pollute the local environment.

End Products of Mini Plastic Recycling Plant

Beston small plastic pyrolysis machine can produce the fuel oil and carbon black, which all have a wide use in our daily life, for example, the fuel oil can be applied directly in many industries to generate electricity, and it also can repress into diesel by plastic to diesel machine.


Small Pyrolysis Plant
End Products from Small Pyrolysis Plant

As for the carbon black which can be used as the additive in paint and construction, and the carbon black can be made into honeycomb briquette that has a high combustible value.

Why Choose A Small Plastic Recycling Plant?

First, money making. It can convert plastic into oil. The final products like fuel oil and carbon black have a wide application. For example, you can sell them directly; you also can apply fuel oil in some industries to generate electricity or reprocess it into diesel for sale in a high price; as for the carbon black, which can be processed into carbon brick for building.

Second, energy-creating. Through the machine, the fuel oil and carbon black you get are scarce and nonrenewable resources. They are exactly what human beings need.

Third, to create a more beautiful environment. The plant mainly solves the problem of waste and pollution. Without waste, you can live a healthier life.

Small Scale Plastic Recyclin Plant
Beston Small Scale Plastic Recycling Machine

Fourth, low small scale plastic recycling machine price. You do not need too much money to buy the mini plastic recycling machine, and there will need a few days to make the cost back.

Fifth, to enhance the rate of employment and improve the living standards. With more small pyrolysis machine installed, more people will have jobs, then the GDP and quality of life will increase.

Exporting Experience of Plastic Recycling Plant

In 1998, Beston innovated the small scale plastic recycling plant. 20 years passed, Beston already has invented more advanced technology and owned a richer exporting experience. Up to now, our small recycling machine for plastic has been exported to 20 countries, such as Brazil, Thailand, Jordan, South Korea, Nigeria, Dominica, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Indonesia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Australia and so on. Depending on our high quality and good after-sale service, we have established a long-term connection with these countries.

Mini Plastic Recycling Machine
Mini Plastic Recycling Machine in Hungary
Small Scale Plastic Recycling Equipment
Small Scale Plastic Recycling Equipment in Nigeria

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