Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Automatic egg tray making machine is very easy and effective to operate to save your labor cost. Beston Machinery offers automatic pulp molding machine for sale, which can make 1,000 to 6,000 pieces of egg trays per hour. More than that, because we have our own factory, we can promise you a reasonable fully automatic egg tray making machine price. Welcome to contact us for details!

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

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What Can Beston Offer?

1. Automatic Pulp Molding Machine

Beston has 7 hot-selling models of egg tray machines for sale, including one-sided, four-sided, eight-sided, and twelve-sided machines. All these models can be fully automatic if you have enough money. Beston automatic egg tray machines have been installed in the Philippines (BTF-1-4), Mali (BTF-4-4), Russia (BTF-5-12), Saudi Arabia (BTF-5-12), Hungary (BTF-4-4), Nigeria (BTF-4-8), etc. Below are more parameters for your reference.

BTF-1 Pulp Molding Machine
BTF-4 Egg Tray Machine
BTF-8 Pulp Molding Equipment
BTF-12 Pulp Molding Equipment

Model BTF-1-3 BTF-1-4 BTF-3-4 BTF-4-4 BTF-4-8 BTF-5-8 BTF-5-12
Production Capacity (pieces/h) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000-4000 4000-5000 5000-6000
Mould Quantity (piece) 3 4 12 16 32 40 60
Total Power (kw) 34 41.2 53.7 57 90 150 153
Electricity Consumption (kw/h) 23.8 28.84 37.59 39.9 63 105 107.1
Labor Force 3-5 4-6 5-7
Materials Consumption (kg/h) Paper 85 102 170 212 298 425 459
Water 255 306 510 636 894 1275 1377
Fuel Consumption Coal 50 60 83 104 125 208 208
Natural Gas 22-32 26-36 37-47 46-56 56-66 92-103 92-103
Diesel 18-28 22-32 30-40 38-48 46-56 77-87 77-87

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2. Metal Drying Line

The main difference among manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic egg tray production line is the drying and packing system. You can choose natural drying if you have a small egg tray plant, say BTF-1 or BTF-4 machines, which can greatly lower the investment cost. By comparison, metal dryers employ a conveyor belt to automate the process. Below are two videos for your reference.

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3. Automatic Packing System

If you have a large egg tray machine, for example, BTF-5-12, the automatic packing system will more efficient. It includes an automatic counter and packer.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Russia
Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Russia
Packing System
Packing System

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You can also check Beston Youtube to find more egg tray machine videos.

Advantages of Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

1. Easy Operation

Due to the high automation, machines do the most work. Except for pulp molding machine, the fully automatic production line also employs an automatic drying and packing system. In this way, few workers can run the whole production line easily to greatly save your labor force input.

2. High Working Efficiency & High Output

As you know, you can’t dry the trays under the sun if it is raining. But it is not limited if you have a drying system. It is obvious that machine is quicker than human beings. So if you have a large egg tray plant, you have to buy a dryer. Moreover, Beston egg tray drying line is designed to recycle the heat inside to lower your fuel cost.

3. Less Space and Labor Force Required

Also, there is no need to hire a large space and workers to dry the trays. Especially, the metal dryer can be multilevel to save floor space. So if you have limited space or workers, or just want to improve the working efficiency, you can buy an automatic dryer.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Saudi Arabia
Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Saudi Arabia
Metal Drying System
Metal Drying System
Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine in Kazakhstan
Installing in Kazakhstan

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Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine Price

Generally, the fully automatic egg tray making machine price is higher than that of semi-automatic and manual ones. But it can save your money from other aspects, such as space, labor force, fuel, etc. When you estimate the egg tray machine cost, please remember to put all the things into consideration. Do not rely on the price only, but pay more attention to the ROI. Every machine has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the automatic egg tray machine is expensive. What you need to do is to get the most suitable one. Below are some questions you need to make clear before your purchase.

    1. How many egg trays do you want to make per hour?
    2. How much money do you prepare for this business?
    3. Is it expensive to hire workers and space for your plant?
    4. Is the weather usually sunny or raining in your area?
    5. What the main fuel resource in your area?

If you have any questions, please contact Beston Machinery for help.

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