Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Are you looking for solutions to upgrade your batch pyrolysis plant to continuous? In India, some batch pyrolysis plants are asked to be stopped unless upgrading the batch to continuous pyrolysis plant to solve the environmental problems. In order to meet the requirements, Beston Machinery offers solutions to upgrade batch pyrolysis plants with lower costs. Moreover, we will customize the design according to your needs. Below are the basic design and more parameters for your reference. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Model BLL-16
Daily Capacity 16 t/d (8t/batch*2)
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials Waste Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge, etc.
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Reactor Size D2.8*L7.1m Reactor Pattern Rotary
Total Power 54kw/h Floor Area (L*W*H) 25*15*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure Cooling Method Water Cooling
Service Life 5-8 Years

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Improvements of Beston Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Many investors are urgent to upgrade their batch pyrolysis plants to improve the working effeciency. And the other one is the environmental or safe issue. Below are more details showing how Beston to improve your exsiting tyre pyrolysis plant.

1. Automatic Feeding System

We will equip an automatic feeder to make it possible to feed at a high temperature to save your time on waiting for cooling down the reactor. Also, it can improve the actual capacity as well. You can feed 8 tons of tyre crumbs (5 to 20 mm in size) in 1.5 hours. Besides, we employ non-axis screw conveyors to reduce clogging to make the pyrolysis process smooth. By the way, we can offer you tyre shredding machine if you need.

Auto Feeder for Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Auto Feeder
Feeder Design of Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

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2. Fully-sealed Discharging System

We equip three fully-sealed discharging tubes to effectively reduce carbon black powder to protect the environment. In addition, there is water cooling system inside to cool it down to 100 to 120 ℃ soon to shorten the discharging time for carbon black to 2 hours. Then you can collect the carbon black directly in the tank to easily store and transfer. In contrast, with the traditional discharging system, you have to lower the temperature to 30 to 40 ℃ to prevent burning. That’s why our discharging system will help you to process two batches of raw materials a day. It is a great improvement of small scale pyrolysis plant.

Water Cooling Discharger
Water Cooling Discharger
Auto Discharger
Auto Discharger

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3. Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is design to burn the superfluous combustible gas. At the same time, the tail gas after buning will be purified by the de-dusting system before being released into the atmosphere. Of course, you can also use airbags to keep the combustible gas for the later use.

4. Modular Design

The other advantage of Beston pyrolysis equipment is modular design. That is to say, it is easy to install and maintain. Also, you can only choose the parts you need to save the cost. You can check the batch to continuous pyrolysis plant video to better understand.

Why Choose Beston Batch to Continuous Pyrolysis Plant?

1. Beston Machinery has years of experience in designing and manufacturing pyrolysis plants. We have our own R & D team, designers, engineers, factory, etc., which means you can get a factory sale price as well customized business plan.

2. In order to provide customers better service, we have 8 overseas offices to respond to you soon. So you can trust us!

3. We equip a powerful de-dusting system to make your plant eco-friendly. Our plant have been exported and installed in many countries, such as the UK, Romania, Canada, India, etc. As we know, continuous pyrolysis plant in India is a have-to choice now. So if you are looking for a cost-effective design and quality equipment. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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