Egg Carton Machine for Sale

Egg carton machine is also called egg box making machine, which is another common type of pulp molding equipment. It is very similar to paper egg tray making machine. While egg carton making machine requires more delicate designs. As an experienced pulp molding machine manufacturer, Beston Machinery has developed a mature egg carton production line. So we are competent to customize paper egg carton making machine for sale according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us!

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Egg Carton Machine for Sale
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Beston Egg Carton Machine for Sale

Just like the egg tray making machine, Beston has manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic egg carton making machines for sale. Here are the main parameters for your reference.

Manual Egg Crate Making Machine


Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mold Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-1-3 1000 3 34 kw 23.8 kw/h 3-5 85 kg/h
BTF-1-4 1500 4 41.2 kw 28.84 kw/h 4-6 102 kg/h

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As shown in the table, the output of the manual egg carton machine is less than 2000 pieces/h. So if you have enough cheap labour force and space, you can choose a natural drying line to greatly reduce the investment costs. While if you want higher efficiency, we can also provide you with semi or fully automatic egg tray drying systems.

Semi-automatic Egg Box Making Machine


Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mold Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-3-4 2000 12 53.7 kw 37.59 kw/h 4-6 170 kg/h
BTF-4-4 2500 16 57 kw 39.9 kw/h 4-6 212 kg/h

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Fully Automatic Egg Carton Production Line

Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale
Automatic Egg Carton Making Machine

Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mould Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-4-8 3000-4000 32 90  kw 63 kw/h 5-7 298 kg/h
BTF-5-8 4000-5000 40 150 kw 105  kw/h 5-7 425 kg/h
BTF-5-12 5000-6000 60 153 kw 107.1  kw/h 5-7 459 kg/h

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In fact, the automation level of an egg carton production line mainly relates to the drying line employed. We often suggest small-scale investors to choose a manual machine to save the costs, while semi and fully automatic machines are more suitable for massive production. Moreover, it is necessary to say that the semi and fully automatic drying lines are applicable to all models of egg carton machine for sale. We will offer you the most suitable egg tray manufacturing business plan according to your own conditions, including your budget, local weather, the available fuels, etc. What you need to do is to contact us now!

Advantages of Paper Egg Box Making Machine

1. Cost-effective Business Opportunity.

It refers to the cheap and rich raw materials, reasonable egg tray machine price, low operating costs, high output, etc. Moreover, you may find there are many kinds of egg cartons on the market, and we Beston can supply various egg carton molds. And it is easy to disassemble and operate.

Paper Egg Carton Mold
Paper Egg Carton Mold
Egg Carton Mold
Egg Carton Mold

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2. Eco-friendly Production Line.

Egg carton manufacturing line recycles waste into wealth and the whole process is pollution-free.

3. Wide Market.

From the recent market survey, we have found that the plastic packaging products have been banned in many countries, not only in the UK, the USA, but also India, Lebanon, etc. So there will be a broad market for pulp molded products. Hence, it is wise to invest a pulp molding machine, for example, an egg carton making machine.

Introduction to Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

The egg carton manufacturing process is similar to the egg tray making process, which includes pulp making system, molding system, drying and packing system. Here is a brief workflow of the egg box production line for your reference.

Egg Carton Manufacturing Process
Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

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1. Pulping System

Making pulp from waste paper or agricultural wastes is the first important step. It requires workers to put the raw materials into the hydraulic pulper. After being stirred, smashed and filtered, there is a refiner making the pulp smoother and more well-proportioned. Besides, you can find at least 3 pools to store pulp and waste water. This is an essential part of an egg carton production line. So Beston Machinery will provide the layout design of your egg tray factory to make full use of your space.

2. Molding System

Pulp molding is the key part of the whole production line, which often employs a vacuum pump, air compressor, pulp molding machine, and cleaning devices. Among these devices, the vacuum pump is helpful for forming, while the air compressor aims to transfer wet products out of molds. And the cleaning device can quickly flush the molds to remove the residuals. Thus, we can produce different paper egg cartons with different egg carton molds. It is worth mentioning that Beston egg carton molding system is automatic and easy to operate. Here is an egg carton machine video for you.

3. Drying System

As mentioned, there are four different egg tray drying lines, which decides the automation level of the production line. They are natural drying, brick drying line with carts, brick drying line with a conveyor belt, and metal drying line. The former two are suitable for the small-scale production line, while the latter two are often employed with the automatic egg carton machines. Moreover, Beston has developed an effective drying line to recycle the heat to save your fuel costs. So you will find the operating costs of our egg tray making machine is much lower. That’s why our egg carton making machine is very popular among investors around the world.

4. Packing System

The packing system contains packer, counter, hot press. This must be a difference between egg tray making process and egg carton manufacturing process. In general, egg cartons are more expensive than egg trays. In order to make the egg carton a better appearance and quality, we often employ a hot press. Here is a video for your reference.

Egg Carton Production Line VS Egg Tray Production Line

From the introduction to the egg carton making process, you may find the greatest difference lies in the pulp molding dies. While to be honest, not all egg tray machine manufacturers can provide qualified egg carton machine. Beston has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing pulp molding machines. We have professional designers, engineers, sales as well as after-sales service department to provide you with high-quality egg carton machine as well as the suitable business plan. Welcome to contact us!

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