Beston Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Bamboo charcoal, as a new kind of green energy, has played an important role in the environmental protection and the construction of governmental project, which can realize truly solid waste recycling. Meanwhile, it also has rapidly enlarged the sales market of bamboo charcoal making machine. For the most buyers, how to choose a best and suitable machine is a key point, and next we will make a analysis on this topic and hope these descriptions can help you a lot.

Beston Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

How to choose a best bamboo charcoal making machine

1. Quality of bamboo charcoal machine

As the saying goes, every extra penny deserves its value. A better quality of machines can guarantee the working efficiency of each part, and it also can improve the quality of finished charcoal. Beston bamboo charcoal making machine is made of special imported materials, so it has better corrosion resistance and wear resistance. We can promise to our costumers that the service life of our machine is at least 7 to 8 years.

2. Working efficiency of bamboo charcoal making machine

In general, the higher working efficiency of a machine has, the higher product yield is, and the higher profits clients can obtain. Beston bamboo charcoal making equipment has achieved fully continuous working pattern that has largely reduced labor strength and the operating time, and the working efficiency has also naturally increased; besides, our bamboo charcoal making machine has adopted the advanced production technology that is called one fire with two steps, so that the whole carbonizing process can realize the self energy support. Furthermore, the adoption of advanced technology also can make hot source contact with raw materials as much as possible, to largely raise the carbonization efficiency.

Bamboo Charcoal Machine
Bamboo Charcoal Machine
Bamboo Charcoal
Bamboo Charcoal

3. Unique structure of bamboo charcoal kiln

If a machine wants to keep a high working efficiency, possessing a unique design and smoothly running structure is necessary. So we should know about the working performance of bamboo charcoal plant before buying. Beston bamboo charcoal making plant has researched the unique carbonization furnace that is a core part during the whole process. With the double layer and horizontal design, the bamboo charcoal kiln can make the hot source contact with raw materials for three time from the beginning. What’s more, during the operation procedure, we mainly utilize hot air as hot source, and the design of horizontal type can also avoid the heat energy touch the bottom of furnace directly, which can efficiently reduce the damage of furnace and extend its service life. And by this method, it will benefit to help clients save more cost. Apart from carbonization furnace, our equipment also has been equipped with PLC control system to monitor running process of each part at any time, which can reduce error rate but increase working efficiency. Finally, spay dedusting system of the machine will be beneficial to environmental protection and achieve green production.

Carbonization System of Bamboo charcoal machine
Carbonization System of Bamboo charcoal machine
Carbonization Furnace With Double Layers
Carbonization Furnace With Double Layers
Spay Dedusting System
Spay Dedusting System

4. Cost of bamboo charcoal making machines

In general, whatever we want to buy, we should learn to account the proportion of costs and profits. Beston bamboo charcoal machines can create higher profits basing on lower investment than other manufacturers. Firstly, the machine has realized thoroughly continuous working pattern, which has reduced much labor strength and save the fee of employing workers; secondly, the machine has small floor space; thirdly, fully sealed working condition can reduce the hot energy leakage , which can increase working efficiency; finally, in order to meet the different requirements of clients, we has designed the different models of charcoal production equipment with different handling capacities, such as 300t/d, 500t/d, 1200t/d, 2000t/d, etc, through which can avoid the waste of resource.

Carbonization Plant
Model BST-03 BST-05 BST-12 BST-20 BST-30
Raw material Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk and other biomass material/ waste sludge
Structure Horizontal
Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1200 2000 3000
Rotary speed 3-9 turn/ min
Power (Kw/h) 11 15 18.5 30 55
Host size (W*H* L) 1000*1700*800mm 1300*1900*8500mm 1600*2200*8500mm 2200*2800*8500mm 3000*3300*8500mm

5. Sales service of bamboo charcoal making equipment

A perfect sales service can provide a stable warranty for the machine. Beston group can do it well:

Pre-sale service:

1. Technical data and competitive price provided.

2. Factory visit and trial for you.

3. Free plan for your site and project.

4. Reasonable suggestion with shipping freight.

As for the after-sale service, we also have comprehensive arrangements:

After-sales service:

1. We will arrange professional technicians to supervise manufacturing process to guarantee high quality.

2. We can guarantee the fastest delivery and closest track on goods to make you receive the good as soon as possible.

3. Engineers will be sent to your site for the installation, testing and training the workers.

4. Our professional workers will give a periodical call visit to make sure there is no problem of the equipment or find the problem timely and solve it immediately.

Bamboo Charcoal Machine Will Be Sold to Uzbekistan
Bamboo Charcoal Machine Will Be Sold to Uzbekistan

Finally, if you have any questions want to ask, please contact with us directly, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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