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Beston Group Will Visit the Philippines In July

From July 11th to July 21st, Beston sales managers will pay a visit to Manila and Davao in the Philippines. The Philippines is always our main market and we have rich exporting and visiting experience there in recent years. While in order to know the local markets better, our sales managers will visit our clients there during this trip. Hopefully, we can supply the most suitable business plan to meet customers’ requirements. Our products include waste sorting systems, carbonization machines, waste pyrolysis plants and egg tray machines. So, if you want to know more about our products, please contact us right now!

Hot Products

Beston Machinery is a global waste recycling plant manufacturer, which has a variety of waste recycling machines for sale.

Automated Sorting System

The automated sorting system is for separating all kind of wastes, such as living waste, solid, waste paper, waste glass, waste plastics, and biomass waste, etc. Today we have four models of automatic waste sorting machines for sale, whose daily capacity ranges from 100 to 400 tons. Because of the wide applications, high product yield, and eco-friendly design, our waste sorting plants are preferred by many investors and governments.

Layout of Beston Waste Sorting System
Layout of Beston Waste Sorting System


Charcoal Machine

Our carbonizer machine can convert various biomass wastes into charcoal, such as coconut shell, sawdust, wood chips, bamboo, straw, waste sludge, etc. And there are five models of charcoal making machines for sale, which can process 500 to 3000 kg of raw materials per hour. With the patent technology, our carbonizer can make full use of the heat to greatly reduce your energy costs.

Charcoal Making Machine Design
Charcoal Making Machine Design

Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Beston waste pyrolysis plants are suitable for waste plastic, old tires, rubber, and oil sludge, etc. In order to meet the different scales, we have batch, semi-continuous and fully continuous plants for sale with the daily capacity of 6 to 24 tons. In these years, we have successfully exported our waste pyrolysis plants to many countries, such as Brazil, Jordan, South Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia, Australia, etc. We are confident to provide you with the most profitable waste recycling business plan.


BLJ-10 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Indonesia
BLJ-10 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Indonesia

Egg Tray Machine

Egg tray machine can recycle waste paper into various pulp molded trays. With the advantages of low investment costs and high returns, it is one of our hottest product. There are 7 models of egg tray making machines for sale. The output can reach up to 6000 pieces/h. Meanwhile, we can make different pulp molding equipment according to customers’ requirements, such as egg carton machine, shoe tray making machine, seedling tray manufacturing machine, etc.

All our products are guaranteed. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us!

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