Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Though more and more solid waste equipment manufacturers have devoted to waste recycling projects, Beston automatic waste segregation machine still can keep a dominated status in the international market for its advanced automated sorting system and excellent service. In addition, our automatic waste sorter has been sold to many foreign countries, and most plants have been installed and ran to production. Among these, automatic sorting system project in Uzbekistan is one of the most successful cases in Beston Group company. Next, let’s know more detailed information about this related projects.

Automatic Waste Segregation Machine
Case – Beston Automatic Waste Segregation Machine in Uzbekistan

Development of Beston automatic waste segregation machine

Beston automatic sorting machine is mainly designed for the treatment of various solid waste, especially the municipal solid waste. It can sort the organic materials, single waste plastic, metal, earth and stone from MSW waste mixtures. The automatic waste segregation equipment can be designed into different unique waste sorting structures based on the different particular cases of clients, and our professional technicians will also take in the advice of costumers to design the most economic and efficient automated waste segregation system.

The technology adopted in the automatic garbage segregator has been field-proven to divert waste from entering landfills. And our automatic sorting system is used to recover valuable commodities, divert waste from landfills, and combine with energy conversions such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and others as a front-end garbage separation system. Whatever your goals are, we provide you with the right and best solution on the solid waste disposal.

automatic sorting machine
Beston automatic sorting machine for sale

Working procedure of Beston automatic waste sorter machine

1. Garbage truck will unload the various solid waste to plate feeder, then processed by uniform distribution machine, the solid waste will be fully scattered, which can ensure the subsequent steps run normally and efficiently;

2. The relatively large solid wastes and dangerous wastes, including quilts, cotton, tree trunks, branches, long sticks, brick stone, bottle, etc, will be picked out by the manual sorting platform. Bag breaker is used to crack the plastic bags of garbage, so that it benefits the further sorting;

Plater Feeder
Plater Feeder
Manual Sorting Machine
Manual Sorting Machine
Bag Breaker
Bag Breaker

3. The scattered wastes will be conveyed to rotary screening machine by the belt conveyor. According to the requirements of waste separation technology, we set the screen drum sieve aperture as 50mm, so that the waste materials can be divided into two parts: the materials that are smaller than 50mm will be used to make natural fertilizer after the process of suspension magnetic sorting machine; while the other part that is larger than 50mm will be further processed by the comprehensive winnowing machine, after which we can get three different sections: the light waste plastic, heavy waste materials (bricks, stones, titles, glass, etc.), secondary heavy waste materials (hard waste plastic, waste rubber, textile and waste paper, organic and some combustible materials). By this method, we can truly find the solid waste recycling methods.

4. Among these three parts of materials, the light waste plastic usually can be processed by two methods: the one is to be packed and sold directly; and the other one is to be further processed by the waste plastic granular machine or waste plastic pyrolysis plant. The earth, stone and bricks of heavy materials will be used to produce brick. The leftover combustible materials and organic materials can be carbonized to reduce the amount of wastes accumulation or collected directly to make fertilizer.

Beston Automatic Waste Sorting System
Beston Automatic Waste Sorting System

Various models of Beston automated waste segregation system

In order to meet different demands of clients, Beston also has designed different models of automatic waste segregation machine to provide more choices for costumers. The automated waste sorting equipment for sale has the handling capacities between 100-400t/d, which can provide more choices for different clients. Besides, we can also increase or decrease the device according to customers’ requirement.

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Raw material Urban garbage
Capacity 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 400T/D
Power 224.7KW 263KW 279KW 294KW
Area(㎡) 5366 6112 6200 6800

Special design of Beston automatic waste sorting system

1. The machine is equipped with automatic sorting system, which can ensure the security of the whole equipment, and also can reduce the manual errors.

2. Fully sealed working condition can reduce the waste pollution.

3. Deodorization system can provide a cleaning environment for workers.

Fully Sealed Conveyor
Fully Sealed Conveyor
Deodorization Tower
Deodorization Tower

The automatic waste segregation machine Beston Group invented by can be said the primary step of the waste resources recycling, so it is the best choice if you want to create higher economic profits based on the environmental protection.

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