Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Waste Recycling System

On August 13, 2018, the Lebanese customers visited the waste sorting and pyrolysis equipment of Beston Machinery. As our customers said, it is urgent to solve the environmental issues in Lebanon. They showed great interests when they learned that Beston supplies complete waste recycling line from waste sorting to pyrolysis plant, which can convert waste tires and plastics into oil. And customers were very satisfied with the new way of waste recycling to bring great profits while saving the environment. Thus, they immediately expressed that they look forward to cooperating with our company very soon.

Lebanese Customers in Beston Factory
Customers from Lebanon Visit Beston

Why Choose Beston?

Recently, our waste recycling system in Uzbekistan, including the solid waste sorting plant, waste pyrolysis plant and biomass carbonization plant, has been put into use smoothly. Meanwhile, we have developed a long-term solid cooperation with the government of Uzbekistan due to the waste recycling project. It is proved that Beston is a qualified waste recycling plants manufacturer. Hence, we believe there will be a pleasant relationship with the Lebanese customers as well. Here is a video of the waste carbonization plant from Uzbekistan.

More importantly, Beston will also provide customers with a specific waste recycling business plan according to the actual conditions to make sure that your every penny is valuable. That is to say, you can understand the profitable business opportunity well before you put your money in. Moreover, there is a full-service system from pre-sales to after-sales to make you enjoy partnering with us.

All in all, Beston Machinery is a reliable recycling machine supplier. So please contact us if you have any questions!

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