Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Intelligent Waste Sorting Machine Has Born in The World

Beston Group is a leading supplier of the automatic waste separation machine. Compared with the traditional waste recycling method, fully automatic waste sorting machine is the best and most efficient way in the world. This intelligent invention has thoroughly realized the goal of turning waste into treasure.

Waste Sorting Machine for Sale
Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting System

Solid waste sorting machine designed by Beston Machinery Company has introduced the advanced foreign sorting technology, and it can utilize different sorting devices to divide waste mixture into three kinds of materials: light waste plastic, heavy materials, second heavy materials. All of these end products can be recycled to produce new materials. In addition, Beston waste sorting machine has higher waste disposal efficiency but lower investment. At present, this kind technology has been widely applied in garbage recycling ares of the world.

Beston garbage sorting machine has been equipped with the rotary screening machine and comprehensive winding machine. Besides, the machine is made of the special exported materials. The whole equipment has the characteristics of speediness, accuracy, and intelligent.

Working Principle of The Sorting System

1. Conveying waste mixture to the manual sorting platform to pick out large size materials.

2. Crack plastic film with the bag crack machine.

3. Processed by rotary screening machine. The waste mixture will be divided into two parts.

4. Reprocessed by comprehensive winding machine.

5. Packed by automatic packing machine.

Waste Recycling Equipment
Waste Recycling Equipment

Multifunctional Beston municipal solid waste sorting machine can be matched with the existing facilities or used as a classification device alone. If you are looking for a simple and efficient waste sorting solution, then Beston solid waste management plant is your ideal choice. Beston waste recycling equipment can be installed in the simple production process, additional equipment and required little, and it can achieve efficient garbage classification by using the device, so as to allow you to spend a few extra investment can get high price in return.

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