Energy from Waste Project

Waste to Energy Project

Waste to energy project (WtE project) is beneficial to both investors and the environment by turning trash into energy. It can effectively reduce municipal solid waste while bringing great profits to investors. Based on our professional team and rich experience, Beston Machinery would like to offer you waste to energy project proposals. We will provide quality waste to energy equipment, customized waste to energy plant design, as well as different business models for customers to choose from. Welcome to contact us!

Trash to Energy Plant in Songjiang
Trash to Energy Plant in Songjiang, China

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Benefits of Waste to Energy Project

1. Reduce Municipal Solid Waste Effectively

Many countries are facing serious environmental issues, especially municipal solid waste. Due to the complex component, it is often land-filled. However, landfilling is harmful to the soil and underground water. Meanwhile, it causes serious waste of resources. Worse more, most disposal sites are out of the run. That’s why many governments are sore need of more useful solutions. Well, garbage to energy plant will be a great choice. It also means you may get great support from your government. The subsidy will largely reduce your investment cost of setting up a waste to energy plant. Moreover, ash only accounts for 2-3% of the original waste volume after incineration. So it will reduce the landfilling space.

Central Control Room
Central Control Room

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2. Converting Waste to Energy

As mentioned, waste to energy machine actually converts trash into electricity to ease the power supply shortage. And it will be a great part of your income as well. Except for that, this system will also help you fully use the other end products. For example, we can use the bottom ash as pavement material or making bricks after hazard-free treatment. In fact, about 98% of the bottom ash will be reused. Obviously, waste to energy project is profitable to invest, just like our waste pyrolysis plant.

3. Harmless and Eco-friendly

During garbage incineration, the temperature in the furnace is more than 900℃ to kill the pathogenic bacteria completely. Besides, there is a re-treatment system to make the fly ash and bottom ash harmless. In addition, our trash to energy plant employs advanced technology for fuel gas treatment to meet the exhaust emission standard. It will effectively control the secondary pollution. That is to say, the waste to energy project is harmless for people’s health and the environment.

How to Generate Energy from Waste?

Here we will explain the waste to energy process simply from four parts, namely, feeding system, incineration system, power generation system, and pollutants control system. Here is a picture showing you the waste to energy technology.

Waste to Energy Process
Waste to Energy Process

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Feeding System

There is a big and closed garbage pit for waste storage and fermentation. Just like our waste segregation plant, this plant is also fully sealed. The fully sealed and anaerobic treatment design can protect people from the stench. With the use of grab cranes, we can mix the various wastes well. Then it will transfer the mixed trash into the hopper. The hopper will help to control the input quantity and speed.

Incineration System

The main equipment of this system is incinerator, where has dry section, burning section, and burnout section. With the movement of the inclined grates, the garbage will be pushed down until it is exhausted and discharged from the furnace. Then the high-temperature fuel gas will go up to the boiler. While the bottom ash will drop to the slag extractor to further treatment.

Grate for Waste to Energy Plant

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Power Generation System

When the exhaust gas flow goes through the heating surface of the boiler, heat is absorbed and superheated steam will be produced by boiler. Meanwhile, the flue gas is also cooled down. Then the superheated steam will be induced to turbine. Then the turbine drives the generator to produce power. The exhausted steam will be condensed after the turbine.

Electric Generator for Waste to Energy Plant
Electric Generator Under Construction

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Pollutants Control System

It contains three parts, including the exhaust gas cleaning system, slag and fly ash treatment system. Our waste to energy project adopts a multiple cleaning system, including deacidification, activated carbon, denitration, etc. It will be equipped according to your local exhaust emission standard. As for the high-temperature slag, it is cooled down by water and collected as material to produce bricks, etc. About 98% of the slag can be reused. While the other part will be land-filled. Fly ash needs to be collected separately. There is a bag filter to collect first. Then the collected fly ash will be sent to the special landfills after the solidification process. We have a strict secondary treatment system for all these products to make them harmless. So you will never worry about the pollution caused by waste incineration.

Waste to Energy Project in Jiangyin
Waste to Energy Project in Jiangyin, China

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Waste to Energy Business Model from Beston

Turning waste into energy is urgent all over the world. It has been popular for years in developed countries, such as America, Japan, etc. Also, our waste to energy projects are also well accepted in many areas of China, such as Shanghai, Chongqing, etc. As one of the top waste to energy partners, we are looking forward to helping more clients with this profitable and advantageous project.

Waste to Energy Project in Shanghai
Waste to Energy Project in Fengxian, China

In order to meet different requirements of customers, we offer different cooperation models with waste to energy project. They are BOT (build-operate-transfer), BOO (build-own-operate), EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), PPP (public-private-partnership), and TOT (transfer-operate-transfer). If you are looking for waste to energy solutions, welcome to contact us for more details!

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