Egg Tray Production Line

Egg tray production line is profitable to invest. It recycles cheap waste paper into egg trays, which are of great demand in the market. Now Beston has manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic egg tray manufacturing lines for sale, which can process 1000 to 6000 pieces of egg trays per hour. In addition to various choices, we also provide advanced technology and complete system at a reasonable price.

In the past 20 years, Beston has successfully installed the egg tray production line in many countries, such as India, the Philippines, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, etc. It is proved that Beston Machinery is a qualified egg tray machine supplier to offer you the top-quality products and service. Welcome to contact us!

Egg Tray Production Line in the Philippines
Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
Egg Tray Machine to Algeria
Manual Egg Tray Machine to Algeria
Egg Tray Machines Shipping to Syria

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Main Equipment of Egg Tray Production Line

Egg tray production line is used to produce paper egg trays. It is not a simple piece of equipment but a complete system with different parts. Among the many sections, the core equipment is well-known as the egg tray molding machine. Now, Beston has 7 models for sale, which are divided into 4 groups according to the number of molds. Let’s see the main parameters below.

One-sided Egg Tray Production line

One-sided Egg Tray Production line

Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mold Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-1-3 1000 3 34 kw 23.8 kw/h 3-5 85 kg/h
BTF-1-4 1500 4 41.2 kw 28.84 kw/h 4-6 102 kg/h

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As shown in the table above, the output ranges from 1000 to 1500 pieces/h. Most customers would like to choose natural drying with this production line to lower the investment costs. Because natural drying requires more labors, it is also known as the manual egg tray production line. Of course, you can also employ a semi-automatic or fully automatic drying line to improve the working efficiency. Beston will provide you with a suitable business plan according to your requirements.


This production line is very popular among small-scale or first investors. Also, some poultry farmers employ a small egg tray machine to be self-sufficient to make their poultry farming more profitable.

Four-sided Egg Tray Manufacturing Line

4-sided Egg Tray Production Line

Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mold Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-3-4 2000 12 53.7 kw 37.59 kw/h 4-6 170 kg/h
BTF-4-4 2500 16 57 kw 39.9 kw/h 4-6 212 kg/h

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This production line can produce 2000 to 2500 pieces of egg trays each hour. It is favoured by customers for its affordable price and flexible drying systems. In this year, we have exported several BTF-4-4 egg tray making machines to India. If you have some idle money, and you are looking for something to invest, you can choose a 4-sided egg tray machine. Beston will help you make a specific egg tray manufacturing business plan.

Eight-sided Egg Tray Production Line

8-sided Egg Tray Production Line

Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mold Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-4-8 3000-4000 32 90 kw 63 kw/h 5-7 298 kg/h
BTF-5-8 4000-5000 40 150 kw 105 kw/h 5-7 425 kg/h

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Eight-sided rotary molding machine has a wide range of production line, from 2000 to 5000 pieces. In general, this production line is semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Twelve-sided Egg Tray Production Line

12-side Egg Tray Manufacturing Line

Main Parameters

Model Output (pieces/h) Mold Total Power Electricity Consumption Labor Force Paper Consumption
BTF-5-12 5000-6000 60 153 kw 107.1 kw/h 5-7 459 kg/h

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This production line is also known as automatic models. It has features of large output, high automation and easy operation. If you want to be a professional egg tray manufacturer, this production line will be a great choice.

Egg Tray Production Line in India

In June 2018, a BTF-4-4 egg tray making machine was put into use in India. This egg tray production line attracted much attention, including the government there.

Officials Visit Egg Tray Making Machine in India
Beston Engineers in India

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Prospect of Egg Tray Manufacturing Business in India

With a huge population, there is a great demand for eggs. While with the ban on plastic products, paper egg trays will be the best alternative. Due to eco-friendliness, it is easy to get support. Moreover, with rich and cheap raw materials, egg tray making business in India is more profitable. That’s why more and more investors preferred this business opportunity.

Why Choose Beston Egg Tray Production Line?

In the past 10 months of 2018, Beston has consecutively exported several egg tray making machines to India. There are many egg tray making machine manufacturers in India. And most people think that the egg tray making machine price in India will be lower than that of China, especially for the local people. Why choose Beston?

Egg Tray Machine in India
Installing Egg Tray Machine in India
Egg Tray Making Machine to India
Indian Customer Visit Beston

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Reasonable Costs

Beston Machinery supplies better quality equipment at a competitive egg tray machine price. You can save much time and money on maintenance.

Various Choices

We have developed a mature and complete egg tray production line to offer customers more options. The hourly output ranges from 1000 to 6000 pieces. Also, there are ten models from manual, semi-automatic to fully automatic working method for you to choose from. Except for egg carton machine for sale, we can also design different molding dies to order, such as apple tray machine, shoe tray making machine, seedling tray making machine.

Different Pulp Molding Dies

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Low Operating Costs

On one hand, it is easier to operate and maintain to save your labor force input. On the other hand, our egg tray machine is more energy-saving. You can find the differences from the parameters clearly.

Rich Experience and Professional Team

With about 20 years of experience, we will provide you with the most cost-effective egg tray machine for sale. Welcome to contact us!

How to Make Waste Paper into Egg Trays?

A complete egg tray production line contains pulping system, molding system, drying and packing system. Here is a workflow for your reference.

Egg Tray Production Process

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Pulping System

Pulping system will make the egg tray raw materials, such as waste paper, into paper pulp. The main equipment including a hydraulic pulper and pulp refiners. Also, you need to build a storage pool and at least one stirred tanks. We will help customers to design the workshop to make full use of the space. Moreover, we have developed an integrated pulping system for small-scale egg tray making machine to save the floor space and improve the working efficiency.

Integrated Pulping System for Sale

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Molding System

The main equipment is pulp molding machine. Except for the molding machine, there is a vacuum pump, an air compressor, and a set of cleaning system. Actually, all Beston pulp molding equipment is automatic, including the manual type. That’s to say, no workers are needed after putting the raw materials into the hydraulic pulper.

Drying System

Egg tray drying system matters the automation level of an egg tray production line. Natural drying means drying under the sun. It requires large space, workers and good weather. So it is more suitable for small egg tray machines. We can supply you drying racks with wheels. Also, we can design a brick drying line or a metal drying room according to your requirements.

Natural Drying
Brick Drying Line
Metal Drying Line

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Packing System

Many customers pack egg trays manually because of easy operation. But we can also equip with an automatic packing system with a counter, a packer, etc. With the fully automatic system, you sell the egg trays directly.

Egg Tray Packing System


As a professional egg tray machine manufacturer, we promise to employ the top-quality components from qualified suppliers to keep good performance of our egg tray production line. Besides, we can supply all the equipment individually and completely. Welcome to contact us at any time!

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