Egg Tray Making Machine in India

On Oct 17th 2018, a BTF-4-4 egg tray making machine is ready for shipping to India. It will be the second Beston egg tray making machine in India this year. Here are some pictures with our customer.

Prepare for Shipping
Customer and His Egg Tray Machine
Egg Tray Making Machine to India

Egg Tray Making Machine in India

There is a promising market for paper pulp molded trays because of the ban on the use of plastic products in India. Moreover, it is easy to find rich and cheap raw materials there. Thus, investing in the egg tray manufacturing business in India is profitable and popular. In June, the first Beston egg tray machine in India was successfully installed and put into use. Luckily, Beston Machinery won a high reputation in India, even among the egg tray machine manufacturers in India, because of the top-quality products and professional service.

Indian Customer Visiting Beston Machinery
Egg Tray Making Machine In India
Engineers Installing Egg Tray Machine In India
Egg Tray Making Machine in India
Egg Tray Making Machine in India in the Installation

Also, you can find more egg tray machine videos from Beston Youtube Channel.

We made an egg tray manufacturing project report in India on the basis of the successful cases before. In the egg tray manufacturing business plan, we analyzed the reasons for investing in an egg tray making machine in India. Also, we compared the egg tray making machine price in India and China. On the basis, we also gave some advice to choose a suitable paper egg tray machine in India.

Various Pulp Molded Products

For example, Beston Machinery has 7 models of egg tray machines for sale. While we can also customize different designs for pulp molding equipment, such as egg carton making machine, apple tray manufacturing machine, etc. Also, we provide manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic egg tray machines for sale. How to choose the most cost-effective egg tray making machine? Here we will offer you the most professional and suitable business plan. Welcome to contact us!

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