BTF-5-8 Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Saudi Arabia

In October 2018, customers from Saudi Arabia came to visit Beston Factory. After checking the egg tray production line, they felt satisfied and finally signed an order contract. After a few months, the egg tray making machine was all prepared. And our customers came again to check on site. A few days later, the BTF-5-8 automatic egg tray making machine with a metal drying line will be sent to Saudi Arabia. Once the machines arrive, our engineers will be there for installation and commissioning.  After that, there will be a large-scale egg tray plant in Saudi Arabia, which will produce more than 5000 pieces of egg trays each hour. Here are some pictures for you. Also, if you want to start the egg tray manufacturing business, please contact us now!

Customers from Saudi Arabia in Beston
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Egg Tray Making Machine to Saudi Arabia
Egg Tray Making Machine to Saudi Arabia

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