Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Waste Recycling System

On August 13, 2018, the Lebanese customers visited the waste sorting and pyrolysis equipment of Beston Machinery. As our customers said, it is urgent to solve the environmental issues in Lebanon. They showed great interests when they learned that Beston supplies complete waste recycling line from waste sorting to pyrolysis plant, which can convert waste tires and plastics into oil. And customers were very satisfied with the new way of waste recycling to bring great profits while saving the environment. Thus, they immediately expressed that they look forward to cooperating with our company very soon.

Lebanese Customers in Beston Factory
Customers from Lebanon Visit Beston

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Beston Group Will Visit the Philippines In July

From July 11th to July 21st, Beston sales managers will pay a visit to Manila and Davao in the Philippines. The Philippines is always our main market and we have rich exporting and visiting experience there in recent years. While in order to know the local markets better, our sales managers will visit our clients there during this trip. Hopefully, we can supply the most suitable business plan to meet customers’ requirements. Our products include waste sorting systems, carbonization machines, waste pyrolysis plants and egg tray machines. So, if you want to know more about our products, please contact us right now!


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Advantages and Features of Deodorant Device for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

Deodorant Device for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

The deodorant tower of municipal solid waste treatment plant can fast and efficiently remove the stench and pollution generated by volatile organic compounds, inorganic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans and so on. The deodorization efficiency of the deodorization tower can reach above 99.5%, and the effect of deodorization greatly exceeds the national standard of odor … Read more…

Intelligent Waste Sorting Machine Has Born in The World

Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Beston Group is a leading supplier of the automatic waste separation machine. Compared with the traditional waste recycling method, fully automatic waste sorting machine is the best and most efficient way in the world. This intelligent invention has thoroughly realized the goal of turning waste into treasure. Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting System Solid waste … Read more…

How to Efficiently Dispose Waste Tyre

The Complete Structure of Beston Tire Pyrolysis Equipment

Waste tyre is a main source of black pollution. Therefore, in today’s world that each government has highly focused on the environmental protection, waste tyre recycling plant has become a necessary part in the environmental project. Here are some different methods to realize waste tyre recycling and discover its more potential values. Firstly, Retreaded Tyre … Read more…

Beston Garbage Recycling Machine Is The Best Cleaning Agent of The Environment

Beston Garbage Recycling Machine

Facing the more and more serious environmental pollution, governments of the world also have published a series of related laws to encourage more merchants and businesses to develop sustainable development industries. So that we can truly realize waste recycling based on the foundation of earning profits. In addition, the officials also promise that governments will … Read more…

Application of Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Technology

Beston Waste Sorting Plant for Sale

At present, with the constantly increasing of solid waste volume, it has become more difficult to thoroughly dispose waste. The traditional waste disposal methods include landfill, incineration and compost. However, as the requirements of sustainable development and recycling economy increase, these traditional waste treatment methods have exposed many disadvantages. For example, landfill usually can occupy … Read more…